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07525 375957


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Experienced and professional female Analytical Hypnotherapist in St Andrews. 

*Clinic also run in Dundee

Therapy in the City is located in the St Andrews area of Fife. There are at least 3 other listings in the KY16 postcode area.

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It's been an exciting week at TITC as we opened the doors of our brand new therapy room within the beautiful new FootMed Clinic in the centre of St Andrews. This means we can now see a whole lot more of each other as our new St Andrews' Clinic Hours have extended to meet the growing demand of TITC and appointments are now available every Tuesday from 9am to 6pm. We look forward to seeing you there 🌿 (Full opening hours for both our St Andrews & Dundee Clinics can be found on our website - )
7/17/2019 2:59:09 PM

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become." 🌻~ Carl Jung • Early start this morning in my Dundee clinic... just grabbing a quick moment of reflection before my next client. Happy Friday everyone! #therapyinthecity #dundee #hypnotherapy #carljungquote
5/3/2019 10:29:51 AM

I was going through some paperwork and came across this again... it has to be the cutest thank you card I have received. Made for me by a 6yr old girl who I helped to stop sucking her thumb. 👍🏻 Whether it's to stop damage to teeth development, bullying or deformity of the thumb... the children I've worked with have taken real pride in stopping. If you'd like more information on the benefits of helping your child stop thumb sucking... why not have a read of the article below 👇that I wrote for the Hypnotherapy Directory. #thumbsucking #dundee #fife #hypnotherapy
4/15/2019 10:15:31 AM

Stalking Steals Lives... National Stalking Awareness Week is raising awareness of stalking and it's impact on mental health. New research shows 8 in 10 victims of stalking show symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. From my experience as a therapist, it's vital we bring a focus on the impact stalking has on victims' mental and emotional health as well as their physical safety. Read more: #StalkingAndHealth #NSAW19 #Dundee #Fife
4/8/2019 7:32:23 PM

👋 Have you found us on Instagram yet? If not, why not come over and say hello! 🌿 It's our space for sharing little squares of mini life projects... helping you to Breathe | Escape | Grow 🌿
3/17/2019 7:46:13 PM

😴 THE SNOOZE BUTTON CHALLENGE 😴 You may not always be feeling super refreshed and ready to go when that alarm hits but an extra five minutes is not going to solve your problems as snoozing actually increases these feelings of lethargy. We have definitely been guilty of hitting that snooze button on a cold, dark morning but it turns out that if you are already tired an extra few minutes of snooze grabbed sleep could be the worst thing for you. By allowing ourselves to roll over and try to sneak an extra forty winks we may unknowingly be falling back into the beginning of our sleep cycle. This is the part of the cycle where our body releases hormones that encourage levels of deep sleep, which is great if you have the whole night ahead of you but disastrous if you only have five minutes. Being woken up from this sleep state will leave your body feeling unrested and can completely undo all the hours of sleep you have had as your brain now feels overly tired and as if it has slept badly all night. Instead of allowing your ten minute snooze to disrupt your day, take the time to set your morning off in a positive way. So hit snooze and let's get started Lie on your back, eyes closed with your arms resting by your sides Take controlled breaths, inhaling through your nose and out through you mouth Focus your mind on visualising your day ahead - what you will achieve, what are you looking forward to, what can you learn? Start to stretch your body, pointing from the tips of your toes to the ends of your fingers as you raise your arms above your head Slowly stretch and release in time to the rhythm of your breathing as you focus on your body's inhaling and exhaling As the alarm marks the end of your snooze time gently open you eyes and choose a positive affirmation and repeat it to yourself as you climb out of bed and start your day... I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness Tag some fellow snoozers to join you in this challenge 💤
3/13/2019 12:11:21 PM

🌿"Nature itself is the best physician"🌿... nature nurtures your body and mind, so it's great to see in a revolutionary move that doctors in Shetland are authorised to prescribe nature prescriptions! It seems apt that Shetland be the first place in the UK... with its landscape and beauty but I hope this pilot project leads to Nature Prescriptions being available from all NHS surgeries. #shetland #natureprescription #mindbodymedicine #scottishhealth #therapyinthecity
3/11/2019 8:59:40 AM

Despite so many advancements in the fight for women's rights, equality and gender balance, there remains a huge number of women that are still denied a voice. Stand up for those that are still being forced down, speak out for those that are still silenced and join with a global community on #InternationalWomensDay to help create #balanceforbetter
3/8/2019 10:44:22 AM

***PARENTS*** Please be extra vigilant in relation to what your children are watching and accessing on social media including Kids YouTube films. The Momo Game is said to encourage self harm and suicide.
2/25/2019 2:29:43 PM

This is fantastic and important news! Let's hope 'Safe Leave' is implemented throughout the country. Well done South Ayrshire Council for leading the way... #safeleave #domesticviolenceawareness #scotland
2/13/2019 12:54:49 PM

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Holistic Healthcare from qualified Medical Herbalist, massage therapist, aromatherapist and Hypnotherapist James Short. Lifestyle and habits are closely linked to the onset of disease. Working with mind and body using herbal medicine, aromatic oils, creams, lotions, teas, diet and lifestyle provides a shorter and easier path to greater mental and physical wellbeing.

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Totally unique support service by RMN nurse offering;Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Counselling, Indian Head Massage and soon to also offer Shen (Kairos).

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